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Staff Spotlight: Junior Client Manager, Jacob!

Junior Client Manager, Jacob, The Music Royalty Co.

Guess what time it is? Yep, it’s that moment again when we get to shine the spotlight one of our awesome team members! Say hello to Jacob, our fantastic Junior Client Manager! Check out our latest Staff Spotlight to hear what Jacob really thinks about his team…

Can you share a brief introduction about yourself and your role within MRC?

I was recently promoted to my new role of Junior Client Manager! I work with an array of clients, both managing and assisting with their day-to-day needs. I have two main aspects. Ingesting/processing sales and financial information to producing and analysing statements, preparing mechanical information & statements, AP1s, setting up contracts and much more!!

What do you love most about your role?

If you know me, I’m quite sociable! I love chatting and interacting with the clients, joining meetings to work out processes that help them best is something I really enjoy doing!

What are your passions and hobbies outside of work?

Outside of work I love playing music, cycling, and going to the gym!

What makes MRC different from previous jobs?

Whilst working remotely, I often find people ask me if it can be quite lonely; but when you work with such amazing people you always find yourself on calls with colleagues, having chats and laughs like any normal office atmosphere – but the best atmosphere I’ve ever been a part of! I know it’s been said in the past, but I’m happy to keep saying it! The people make MRC different.

Do you have any hidden talents or skills that your colleagues might be surprised to know?

I guess no one probably knows I use to play badminton competitively? Use to win some medals too when my youthful yet old knees weren’t creaking!

What’s your Desert Island song?

TOUGH QUESTION – TOO MANY TO PICK FROM! A really cool tune is The First Circle – Bob Curnow’s L.A Big Band

Last question: Who do you wish you could see live?

Snarky Puppy – such a great band!

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