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Staff Spotlight: Ellen, Our Royalties Assistant

The Music Royalty Co.'s Royalties Assistant, Ellen.

Our Staff Spotlights shine on the amazing team at The Music Royalty Co. This time, we caught up with our fantastic Royalties Assistant, Ellen!

Share a quick intro about yourself and what you do at MRC!

Hello! I’m Ellen, I’m a mother of two (dogs) and I’m from the beautiful county of Yorkshire, which I’m sure would be immediately obvious if we’ve ever spoken on the phone. I tend to ramble, so I’ll do my best to keep things within a reasonable word count… 

I work within the Royalties team here at MRC as a Royalties Assistant. My role here involves processing sales and financial information for our clients and helping to compile the royalty statements for distribution.

What do you love most about your role?

My role involves a lot of work with numbers and spreadsheets, which although may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I love it. Maths is either right or wrong, there’s no ambiguity, which is a wonderful thing! Plus solving puzzles with complex Excel functions is great fun. I also love getting to collaborate on projects with my team and having the chance to be involved with larger-scale projects in other departments too.

As someone who has grown up playing instruments and loving music, it still amazes me that I’m now part of the industry. I’ve met some wonderful people – both clients and coworkers – and learned things I never even knew were out there to learn!

What are your passions and hobbies outside of work?

Outside of work, I love spending time with my friends and family and going on walks with my wife and our dogs. I’m a very creative person too; I play guitar, bass, a little piano and drums, and love to draw and paint landscapes.

We love travelling and want to visit as many places worldwide as possible. Recently we’ve explored some of the eastern parts of Australia with a trip to Brisbane and Sydney, and plan to visit the USA this year! 

Over the last year, I’ve really gotten into sports too, running my first 5k, and 10k, and I’m currently working towards my first half-marathon. I’ve finally learned to swim – it’s only taken me 27 years to get there – and I’m also making progress at not losing every match of badminton I play.

What do you enjoy most about working at The Music Royalty Co.?

MRC is hands down the best place I’ve ever worked. My colleagues are some of the loveliest people I’ve met, and although I’ve been here less than a year as of writing this, it feels like I’ve been part of the team forever. They’ve been so welcoming from the moment I was first offered my role! To give just one example of many, before I’d even started my job, I had received an invite to attend The Great Escape Festival in Brighton with my new colleagues. It’s amazing opportunities like these that really set the culture apart from anything I’ve experienced before.

Even though we all work remotely, we make sure to stay connected throughout the year with various social events both digitally and in person, and of course a lovely Christmas dinner too.

Share a fun or interesting fact about yourself that others may not know.

While at Leeds Fest in 2015, my friend got talking with a member of Metallica’s team, and we all ended up being on stage dancing with them throughout their set! We moshed behind them for two hours solid, and the whiplash was SO worth it.

What’s your Desert Island song?

This is such a tough question, as someone who loves pop, alternative, metal, and everything in between, I think no matter what I picked I’d be missing something!

That being said, I’d probably have to choose Still Into You by Paramore, as not only is it a great song, but it also means a lot to me. A close second would be Lover by Taylor Swift (my first dance song) or Antivist by Bring Me The Horizon, just in case I need to let out some of the frustration from the endless sandy socks.

Last question: Who was the first band you saw live?

It’s between two as I don’t remember which gig was earlier, but I saw Enter Shikari and Madina Lake in 2010 and both were incredible!

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