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The Client

Kartel Music Group is a modern music services agency providing integrated solutions for marketing, campaign management, distribution and business services to clients including some of the best emerging and established independent artists, managers and record labels in the business.

The Challenge

To offer an enhanced royalty accounting service and place the tracking of key release activity and a full breakdown of revenues and expenditure at our clients’ fingertips, we decided to commission a custom, client-facing dashboard to replace our royalty accounting software.

The Solution

We reached out to MRC’s Ray Bush to design us a dedicated dashboard tool from scratch, hand-tailored to deliver timely and in-depth analytics straight to clients in an easy to use format, allowing them to turn data into actionable insights, informed decisions and beneficial commercial strategies. MRC went the extra mile when testing the new service and transitioning us to it. MRC stands head and shoulders above other options with their superior client support and flexible, responsive team. Our own Finance, Royalties and Business Affairs team derives confidence from the partnership with MRC, who are able to take on the heavy lifting and run audits parallel to our own to ensure the highest level of accuracy.


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