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The Client

Rubicon Classics is an independent music label focused on the Classical Music sector. We look after a number of artists providing full label services in collaboration with a worldwide network of distributors and suppliers. We are the go-to label for classical artists who require a daring, adventurous and proactive label partner.

The Challenge

Rubicon had been using separate accountancy and royalty solutions prior to collaborating with MRC, but running a music label where those 2 key functions were not integrated proved costly, difficult, and time consuming. This was especially apparent in working with our distributor, PIAS worldwide, for whom it was difficult to take both the accountancy and royalty data to use in a meaningful manner when they were coming from a range of sources.

The Solution

We made the decision to hand our accountancy and royalty needs over to MRC who provided us with a completely integrated approach. From the outset we have received a seamless service with royalty payments going out on time and receipt of monthly P&L numbers including everything from sync income to PPL income to neighbouring rights income. These incomes are automatically accounted for within the monthly profit & loss statements but are also separated 100% accurately in terms of making royalty payments to artists, further saving fees and time at the label.

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