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Today’s economy is driven by data, and this is true for the music industry now more than ever before. The investment in time and expertise needed to analyse, understand and benefit from multiple streams of incoming data can be overwhelming.

That’s why we created MRC – a highly specialised team of music industry experts devoted to taking on your data and translating it into savings, profit and informed decision making.

We tackle data of any size and apply world-class royalty processing informed by decades of experience and specialist know-how. Our unique, industry-insider perspective means we can also bring your accountancy and management consultation needs under our banner – offering you an integrated suite of niche services, all from one provider.

We are flexible, happy to design a bespoke service that is custom-fit and custom-priced to your needs with no hidden costs or fees, and with the savings and confidence that come from consolidating your service needs in one, expert provider.

MRC is your seamless royalty and financial management solution, tailored for the music industry. Let us optimise your business and inform your next wise move.

  • Royalties Processing
  • Accountancy
  • Consultancy

Royalties Processing

We offer royalty processing services for record labels, publishers and distributors.


  • Accurate monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual statements
  • In-depth business insights with timely reports
  • Data management of any size
  • Securely store confidential data with online royalty software
  • Expert guidance
  • Global catalogue registration
  • Support for claiming due royalties
  • Mechanical processing
  • Publishing and Records administration
  • AP1 production & submissions.


The Music Royalty Co. are the perfect partner for a full suite of accountancy services. Our accounts team have a solid background in the music industry and work closely alongside the royalty team to provide a comprehensive service.


  • Bookkeeping
  • VAT
  • Business management
  • Payroll and pension scheme administration
  • Accounts preparation
  • Company tax
  • Personal tax
  • Management accounts
  • Forecasting and cash flow management
  • Company and artist budgets


Our expertise across royalties, accountancy and administration puts MRC in a great position to see the bigger picture. We can mould this into clear statistics and advice.

We have already provided amazing resources to our clients, becoming directly involved through consultancy in:

  • Negotiating distributions advance + terms
  • Sales analytics
  • Best practices
  • Business negotiations
  • Buy outs & company valuations

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